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    3.5 years but having low designation

    Hi All,

    Presently i am working for some company and having 3.5 years of experience but having low designation(Associate Consultant). is it effect in my future?
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    Dear Mahipal
    If of all if possible then you can try to upgrade your academic and try to face interview in MNC which is based on your experience . Best of luck for your bright future.

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    Hai Mahipal Reddy,
    It doesn't matter when you move to another company. The company will give you the designation as per there level and bands. In few company they will concerns about that and also it varies from company to company.
    So I don't think that it will do much when you will move from one company to another.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi mahipal reddy,

    If you are not satisified with your current designation or company then you just move to some other company, that's the good choice and you can able to change you designation when you move to next company. This is the time to improve your knowledge and this is the time to improve your career growth. Think and utilize the available resources in out side market.

    Hope this will help you to clear your doubts..

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    Answer can be both Yes and NO.
    Yes - there will be an impact, if you are staying in the same company for many years, because to reach to the higher ladder you have to climb each steps in that company and it will take many years.

    No - There will be no impact to your current designation, if you move out of the current company as each company has got it's own designations. New company will give you the designation based on your experience and qualifications.

    Asheej T K

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    No. i think your designation will not affect your carrier if you are move out of the current company.
    Each company has their own designation with respective to qualification and experience. I have seen in one company for a candidate having experience 5 years a designation is 'Senior software engineer' and for same experience and for same job profile in other company the designation is 'Senior Leader software associate'
    So, i think each compant has their own policies.
    Dont get bother if you are willing to move some another company

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    No-- Because i'm also faces that type of issue. But while interview if you are showing how you are capable of. That is the Most important one. So, Be prepare well as you strong. Keep on try. Surely, you will get good company as you expect.

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    Do not worry about the designation "Associate Consultant". Designation is the attractions provided by the companies. Just improve the skill according to your experience. Improve your leading skill also. Lot of big companies have good designations. The people who has that designation do not have that much knowledge. The small company is good to improve your multiple skills.
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    Designation will not effect your career as long as you are able to learn the technology and prove yourself.

    If you are OK with your package based on the experience you have then try to learn as much as possible and prove yourself as a technical leader, forget about the designation. Company will promote you automatically.

    Asheej T K

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    CMM LEVEL COMPANIES some times scrutiny each and every thing but when they need an immediate requirement they will not see any thing just your interview performance and whether you are genuine or not so these are the two things they will see. Software designation is not mandatory they look only whether you have or had genuinely work in the company is the highest priority.

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