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    How to migrate a HTML PAGE Into SharePoint 2010 Page

    My Question is am having an 300 HTML Application Pages so Know my Client Wants to migrate into a share point 2010 application Pages and he is maintains Lotus Notes as Data Base for that HTML application Project. Now he Want to migrate into SharePoint 2010 How to start this problem i don't Know How to achieve this

    Thanks in Advance
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    Hi anil Kumar,

    If you want to migrate normal aspx pages into SharePoint page you must follow the below instructions.

    Things to keep in mind while working with SharePoint packages.

    1. Select Farm Solution as solution type. This option you can select while creating the project.

    2. Use http://localhost/ as site URL for your project.

    3. Always use standard naming convention for your project and it should be unique, this is important because SharePoint Server will create dll and name space with that name.

    4. If you add user control, SharePoint Mapped folder ControlTemplates will be created and folder with your project name will be created inside this.

    5. If you add application pages the SharePoint Folder Layouts will be created and folder with your project name will be created inside this.

    6. You cannot view the designer in SharePoint project, and whenever you use user controls it will not resolve the name space automatically in designer.cs file so you need to manually replace all the entries of user control reference so that you will be able to build the project.

    8. You can add web reference as same as normal project, but tricky point here is you need to replace the web reference URL property for different server deployment.

    9. You can also add Webpart in the same project and use other SharePoint Project templates. But remember that all template which yet to deploy in server need to have same deployment scope.

    10. You can debug the solution using W3Wp process attachment or simply clicking debug button on visual studio but build should be in debug mode.

    11. Before you deploy solution in Production, package it under Release mode. If you use webpart in solution, feature file will be created and select appropriate scope (Site scope) for deployment.

    13. Always keep documentation about modification and backup of old package file of your solution in order to avoid hang over in production due to error in new package update.

    14. If you are using power shell scripts to deploy Solution it must be retracted before installing it.

    When i migrate normal aspx pages to sharePoint page i follow those steps and finish my work successfully.

    I hope this will help you while migrate to sharepoint.

    If you still face any issue please revert back.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Thanx Naveen in a few days my project is going to start if their is any issues i deffenetly i will contact you thanx and is their any more sujjestions to follow to migrating a Project from HTML to SharePoint 2010

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