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    Need some tips for .NET interview experience 3+

    Are you looking for a way to papare for interview for 3 years of working experience on Dot net ? wnat some tips to prepare for interview ? then read this thread to know more about it

    hi this is satyam i had around 3 years of working experience on Dot net.

    recently i have completed share-point course2010 and in my resume i kept it around 7-8 months of experience with out knowing real time experience on share point.

    can any one tell me how can i prepare for interview and which roles and responsibilities have to mention in my resume ...........

    im waiting u r valuable responsible to help my carrier growth

    Thanq For all........
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    3 years in IT industary is really a long period, after that much of experience, when you face interview, the interviewer will see you as a senior candidates who can able to handle the team
    and can resolve issues.
    you should aware of following things
    - People management
    - Team handling
    - work distribution
    - Shortest way of solutions
    - Better listening and understanding skill
    - Better explanation skills
    - Techincal aspect like OOPS, basic and advanced .NET controls for web and windows environment
    - Basic of MVC and some window app that can run on windows 8
    - Sharepoint (as you want to work for it)

    Do not show fake experience on sharepoint if you dont know about it. Instead accept it as challenge and learn while you working on it

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    Hai Satya,
    If you are looking out the career in SharePoint server, then the below questions will come in your way while attending the interviews:
    1. Difference between MOSS 007 and SharePoint Server 2010
    2. New Services introduced with the SharePoint server 2010
    3. What is OOB(Out Of Box) features in SharePoint Server 2010
    4. What is Server Farm
    5. What is the Physical Location of SharePoint web application?
    6. What is the main differences between Application Pages and Site Pages?
    7. What is the main difference between the Web.Config file in ASP.Net and in SharePoint project?
    8. What are the templates you have worked on in SharePoint Server 2010?
    9. What are the authentication modes/types in SharePoint Server 2010?
    10. What is the default size for a website in SharePoint Server 2010?
    11. What is the Announcement template in SharePoint Server 2010?
    12. What is InfoPath form?
    13. What is the Lookup column in the SharePoint List?
    14. what is the main difference between the List and Library in SharePoint Server 2010?
    15. How to create Group in SharePoint Server 2010?
    16. What is Object Model in SharePoint Server 2010?
    17. What all the classes and method you have worked in your project which were of SharePoint Server 2010?
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    When you have undergone training in sharepoint I think you have the training material. Prepare from the material and have hands on with the knowledge you have gained during sharepoint training. .net fundamentals are must to clear the interviews.
    Miss. Jain
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .Net

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    First of all I want to tell that If you have a good knowledge of .Net and sharePointas well as experience background then you need to face interview of Developers which are based on .net but you have need to clear concept of all above mention topics.

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    Adding fake experience in your resume is not a good option. A thinking interviewer can easily find out if you are fake or experienced by asking some real time problems. So it is always better to mention that you had undergone training in SharePoint rather than adding some months experience.

    Asheej T K

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    Hi chanti,

    You have arround 3+ years of experience in .NET platform and you have knowledge in SharePoint arround 7 months. But you don't have a knowledge in real time architecture then how you include that experience in your Resume, if you included that there is no use why because that experience sound also not good you have just 7 months exp only in that particular domain. My suggestion is don't include that into your resume if you have real time experience then only you can include that otherwise you are facing no.of issue while attend the interview.

    Hope this will help you to clear your doubts.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Some tips for HR interview

    Preparation increase your confidence.Practice with your friends or relatives.You may prepare by reviewing magazine or newspapers articles.Read your resume before interview its may help to keep your answer clear.Find out the location of organization and Arrive 10-15 early.Do not interrupt to the interviewer.
    Listen very carefully.poor listening skills are responsible for bad impression.Every company wants employee who
    are goal oriented ,career driven,enthusiastic and motivated.Be the employee as they want.End the interview on a positive note.

    1)Have a fun handshake
    2)Be sincere and direct
    3)Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.
    4)Read company materials while you wait.
    5)you have to prepare for questions and listen carefully to the interviewer.
    6)Ask about the next step in the process.
    7)Finally thank the interviewr.
    8)Do not look at your watch.
    9)Do not be too serious.
    10)Do not take extensive notes.
    11)Do not show depression or discouragement.
    12)Do not Start the topics like salary,benefits or woking hours.

    Some of the most important jQuery interview question as follows

    1)Why we go for jquery?
    The jQuery library is providing many easy to use function and methods to make rich application.
    This function are very easy to learn and use so that jquery is very popular and in high deman among developers.
    JQuery is javascript and can be used with Servlets,ASP,CGI,PHP,JSP and almost all the web languages.

    2)What are the features of jQuery

    4)Javascript plugins
    5)Effects and animations
    6)Dom Traveral and modification
    7)Dom Element selection functions

    3)What are the jQuery Selectors?
    Selectors are used to find our DOM elements in jquery. Selectors can find the elements via
    CSS,Element name ,ID and hierarchical position of the element.

    4)What does $("div")will select?
    This will select all div element in web page.

    5)What does $("div.parent") will select?
    This will select all div element with parent class.

    6)What is the name of jQuery method used for an asynchronous HTTP request?
    7)Is jQuery a library for client scripting or server scripting?
    jQuery is a client scripting.

    8)Is jQuery a W3C standard?
    7)The jQuery html() method works for both HTML and XML documents?
    It only works for html.

    9)Which sign does jQuery use as a shortcut for jQuery?
    dollar sign.

    10)Where to download jQuery from?
    This can be download from jquery official website

    11)Do I need to refer jQuery file both in Master page/base page/template page and content page

    Thanks & Regards
    Nothing is mine ,Everything is yours!!!

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