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    What is Client object model and server object model? differences

    What is Client object model and server object model? differences
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    The basic purpose of access SharePoint data from systems where the SharePoint is not installed like web services.
    Where as server objects are used to get values from only share point installed systems
    If you want to access from remote machine where you do not any access at the time you can use Client object model or web services. Here we can write our own web service or WCF or REST services to work on our own requirements
    hope it helps

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    Thanks Prasad but i dint understand could you please elaborate it and explain? and one more thing how can i explain the defination and difference btn those two(Client & Server) object models to my interviewer

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    Hi Anil,

    If any one of the applications are working on your sharepoint front end and if its code running on the server side then you should use server object model.

    To be simple, server object model is used when you try to build your sharepoint solutions which run in the application domain.

    If your front end sharepoint application needs to run on some other machine then we use client object model.

    It is better to use Client object model whenever you devolop an external applications such as Windows Form app or Web Application.

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    Go to this link:


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