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    Open and edit the documents(word/excel) in the web browser using sharepoint with web apps


    iam using the sharepoint 2010 shared documents library as backend for storing the documents.

    I have the web application developed in .Net, so iam using client object model code
    to upload the documents and retrieving the documents from the sharepoint library(shared documents).

    so my requirement is to open and edit the documents(word/excel) in the web browser which have been uploaded in the
    sharepoint library(shared documents) using client object model.

    so for that reason I have installed and integrated office web apps with sharepoint 2010.

    In my application iam displaying the document names in the grid(which have been uploaded in the sharepoint)along with binding the
    URL(http://servername:portno/_layouts/WordEditor.aspx?id=Shared Documents/document1.docx&source=http://servername:portno/Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx).

    This URL i have got when i directly accessed my sharepoint site and selected the option "Edit in Browser" for the particular document.

    Now when i click on the document name in the grid from my web application iam redirecting to the above url using webclient by passing the credentials of the sharepoint site,
    here that url is opening but asking the windows credentials popup even if iam passing the credentials through webclient.i dont want that windows credentials popup to be

    Is it possible, could you please help me as iam struggling with this since 4 days.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Edit Filename:

    move the cursor to the destination file name and then choose the dropdown and then choose Edit Properties option and then edti the file name and click on save.
    Refer below attachement

    Edit File Data:

    If you want to edit file data then click on file name and save in local pc and do edit that file and then save after that go to your sharepoint site and there are 3 options like Browse, Document and Library choose Document option after that Choose Upload document then follow the instructions to upload that file give a name for that.

    Hope this will help you to resolve the issue...

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