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    What is the difference Between Site Pages and Application Pages

    What is the difference Between Site Pages and Application Pages?

    Thanx In Advance...
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    Sites Pages and Application Pages is the words from Share point concepts
    - Applictions Pages are mainly crreated in ASP.NET content pages that are present LAYOUTs directory, whhere as Sites pages are stored virtual file system in the Content databases
    - Application pages can be deployed for all sites and Site page can be deployed only specific sites
    - Application pages requires administrative access to deploy, in site pages case can be deployed by administrators/end-users
    - Site pages uses sandbox solution to deploy

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    Hi Anil,

    I don't know the difference between those 2 but i will give you one real time example what is Site Pages and What is Application pages..?

    Application Page:

    When we implement Project under SharePoint Package we create Pages under Layouts Folder means normal SharePoint Page is called as Application Page.

    Site Page:

    We create one User Controls and use that user control while creating WebPart and we store that webpart under SharePoint Pages, we can able to give a name for that also. This means Site Page.

    I hope now you understood the difference between those two.

    Normal aspx pages under SharePoint package is called as Application page.

    Pages created under SharePoint site is called as Site Page.

    EX: Pages

    Site Pages URL is like below


    Application Page URL is like below


    Hope this will help you to resolve the issue..

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    Site Pages can contain one or more webpart zones each zone may contain one or more webpart zones. Site pages can customized Site Pages not supprot code behind file.

    Application pages such as Create.aspx,Themeweb.aspx. Application pages Can't customized Application pages support code behind file.


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    Site Pages:-
    Site Pages are Site or Web Scoped
    User can customize Site Pages.
    Site Pages are stored in Content Database
    You cannot have custom code in Site Pages.
    Site Pages are Un-ghosted Pages

    Application Page:-
    Application Pages are farm scoped
    No customization can be done by the user.
    Application Pages are stored in WFE(Web Front End) in _layouts folder
    You can have custom code in your Application Pages.
    Application Pages are Ghosted Pages.


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