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    Pl sql is useful for dot net career or not?

    hi all,
    in my job getting the work related to pl/sql n oracle forms,so this one will be useful for my career in dot net.
    is there are any useful thing will b used in dot net from both these things...??

    i kno this is diff profile pl/sql still can anyone kno this will giv some benefit to me my career in dot net???

    pls reply..
    thanks in advance
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    For dotnet career knowledge in pl/sql n oracle is very useful as you know both are database which we use in dotnet for backend, fetch, manipulate and store the data. It will be additional knowledge and this will be help full in interview and also in career. When you get any additional thing to learn and work go on that it unknowing it will be useful in future projects. But keep touch in, C#.

    All the best for your career!.

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    Hi sanjlaxmi,

    SQL / pl/sql / ORACLE all are used to communicate with your DataBase purpose only. For this there is no issue with your .NET Career. But the difference is the way you are calling that in your application. Using this it's not impact to your career. Try to learn more in .NET wise using that you can improve your technical skills.

    Hope this will help you ..

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    Dear Laxmi, Do n`t worry about your career there are a large umber of scope available for person who have experience of DOT NET with SQL SERVER . But you need to develop following Skills.
    [1] developing SQL Server stored procedures and triggers
    [2] Understands relational database concepts
    [3] Familiar with Visual Studio 2003/2005 and Visual SourceSafe tools
    [4] Thorough knowledge of ASP.NET, AJAX and ADO.NET techniques with SQL SERVER.
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    PlSQL and Oracle both are databases and gives support to .NET
    As we know .NET is not a databse so for enterprise application there is always need for database so surely it will worth of having knowledge of PL/SQL and Oracle.
    ADO.NET has capability to connect to more than 30 databases and fetch data from web and windows application.
    hope it helps

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    No doubt, for any one who want to be a .net professional he/she must know about atleast one backend. Either it may be SQL Server or PL/sql or ORACLE or Something else. But there might be difference in the way you are calling/uisng those backend stuff in your application.

    Because without a backend, there will be no project. Try to practice more on practical examples than the theory, know more concepts about dependent things related to .net ie using Jquery,
    AJAX, Javascript, XML etc.

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    Definitely I will be useful for your carrier growth. Generally most no of front end application (not only Dot net) need for database to store or maintain data/ information. So don't worry about to learn pl/sql..

    All the best!!


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    Surely, it will help you. .Net based applications need some back end software for supporting insert or updating in Database. For that Pl/sql is one. If you learn difference between oracle and Sql server from Pl/sql means it's quite useful for. All the best

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    Yes it is like two birds at one shot you can use but there are very few companies who will take pl/sql developers to be precise CMM LEVEL COMPANIES. Since you can design your database structures of your selves if you know the Pl/sql .

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