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    Out of Memory Exception : XMl doc

    Are you looking for way resolve error Out of Memory Exception ? then read this thread to know more about it

    I have a windows service running 24*7.This service load xml messages from a queue and load to database.
    I have one worker thread which continuw to load messages.
    I am using XDocument.Parse(xmlmessages)methid to parse the xml message.
    then i call other method to serialize and deserialize the parsed xml message.
    Once the messages is loaded to database i free the resources of XDocument object

    XDocument=null..but sometime after running 30 hrs or 24 hrs i get Out of Memory Exception. please advice what i can do to free the memory resources.
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    Check the below links

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    There exist several reasons behind 'Out of Memory Exception'
    Some of them are
    - Low hardware resources
    - Database interaction without 'named pipe enable'
    - Resources are not properly closed like datareader, stream reader, stream writer, XML reader etc.
    Have you used xml reader to read your xml ? if yes then try to close it once work has finished with it.
    try to use Dispose in your class/program it will really useful to free up memory.
    i have write an article over it, you can check it below

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    Hi Prasad,
    the main class file main.cs
    this class file contains one method

    var xmlMessage= XDocument.Parse(strMessage);
    var xData= GetXData.GetXML(xmlMessage);

    then i free up the resource from xData like below


    the other class file GetXData.cs
    here i have the method..and in this class i get the out of memory exception.

    public static GetXML GetXML(XDocument xml)
    XmlSerializer serializer;
    using (var reader = xml.CreateReader())
    serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(XMLElementMessage), new XmlRootAttribute("Trade"));
    return serializer.Deserialize(reader) as XMLElementMessage;
    catch (Exception exp)
    throw exp;
    serializer = null;

    the XMLElementMessage.cs file have all the element of xml message defiled like this

    public class XMLElementMessage
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string ID{ get; set; }
    public string Dept{ get; set; }
    public string Curr{ get; set; }

    please let me know if you see any thing here where i should take care of memory issue?

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