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    Interview question for experienced in .net technology?

    What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintainance project in .net Functionality? How you have overcome that issue?(common issues)
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    You just tell what are you are facing issues while developing.
    If we implement a project definately we face some difficulties. In that i tell you some whatever i'm facing while implementing my project.

    1) I'm facing some problem while exporting data o excel then i want to Enable some controls. Here What's the logic is If we call Response.End() while exporting , functionality stop after Response.End(). For that i enable all controls before exporting itself. But in coding wise controls enabled but in UI it's not enabled, i overcome this issue using to create new page with same structure of the existing page and whatever i need to export that part alone i prepare in new page and in load event itself i called that function. So, it's working fine for me.

    2) Scrolling GridView With Fixed headers and footer here i'm using some javascript function but for each and every postback that script fail. So, using JQuery code i over come that issue.

    These are the issues i'm facing last 1 month onwords...

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    This is a type of question which you have to answer with your own understanding and experiences. I dont think this will have a common answer. So please analyse yourself what challenging issues you faced in your previous projects and how did you overcome them. Be true to yourself and be confident. I mean to say, you must have taken help from your seniors when you faced challenging issues in your previous project while implementing them or you must have done some exercises or research to solve. So you just need to mention these things. Dont think too much that there is going to some manipulative answer for this. The interviewer just try to understand the candidate's mind when they put in pressure. So just share your own experience truly. It will help you.



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