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    What Business can I do now?

    I am average in studies.I completed Engineering with 62% in 2010 . I learnt .net and did job for 17 months but I can't handle pressure in IT Sector.I lost job last year .Now I want to do some business. Will bank provide any loan for me ? I want to start a Ice Cream Parlor near my area.Will bank provide any loan for the initial Equipment?If not Ice Cream business ,suggest me any other Business ,I can't do It job
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    If you cannot tackle pressure in IT then you can do business.Ice Cream parlor is ok because it may be any season summer or winter you will have customers.Try to find a good location where you can have plenty of customers.

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    Hi mallikarjun34,

    In any field pressure is common but we are try to overcome that then only we are succeed in any field.
    you are a B tech student but ow you planned to start business like ice cream parlor. I'm not agree with you that is not matched your educational background and your business just think by your self. If Business is final decision then think ice cream parlor is not correct for you. Any business related to your Educational Background for ex start any small computer institute. If you are started computer institute that is suitable to your career also. This is my personal opinion only. If you are agree or disagree that's total depending upon you only.

    Just think by your self..

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Ice cream parlor is a good idea. Instead of asking a question, you gave a nice suggestion to people around, including me :)

    Yes, banks can provide loan. The capital required wont be much as compared to other eateries business. You may need to have an attractive set up and the area, size of your parlor will also matter the most. Choose as per your affordability.

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    Thats true that there are lot of pressure in IT sector but still many people are working and like IT sector but its ok if you have realised that you don't want to continue with the IT sector any more. If you are interested in a business then in that case , it totally depends upon your area of interest and skills. No business is bad it just that you have to give your best effort and time to make it profitable and if you think that in business you are not going to face any pressure then you are wrong. Every field and every profile has pressure and tension. Its you who have to decide how you are going to take it. Just love your work and don't take it as burden or pressure. First try to ask yourself which area of interest do you have and what you actually want to do in your life. You will get your answer for sure. No body is going to help you, its just you who can help yourself, Just be yourself and have faith in you. Definitely you will get success.
    All the best.



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    Yes, I agree with you there are lots of pressure in IT sector. If you want to start business that is not a bad option and the area for business is completely depends upon the individual person knowledge about the marek, now a day all field have good business opportunity but you should have all pros and cons of that field in which you start business....
    Also I mention one thing in business also have pressure but in that area if anyone handle that pressure he will got lots of things but in job if the scenario is different even lots of person handle that pressure in good way but the growth of that person is limited only company's share holder get benefited without boundaries.

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    Hai Mallikarjun,
    If you are talking about the pressure in IT sector and you are thinking that business will not have pressure.I think you might re-think as every own business will have the pressure. The only thing for the self business is you are not constraint with the time but at the same time, always you need to think to grow the business. You need to find the ways through which your business can grow and get more and more profits.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    you want to do business regarding import&export this is the one of most leading field for our needs very less investment if you do your business with proper steps.

    search more n more for this field.

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