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    What is design pattern in .net?

    Are you looking for information on design pattern implementation? Want to know what is design pattern in .net? Read this thread to learn more about design pattern examples.

    I came across this question in one interview.I searched on net.I came to know the name factory,singlton etc. May I know,when these pattern are used while designing or coding. I am not aware of that. I am using framework 2.0.Does I can use design pattern?
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    Design patters are nothing but a common solution to problems faced in the code by the developers. It is not a new logic in code but just a way to do things.

    Identified by GoF, design patters were classified in to 3 categories( or patterns):
    a. Creational Patterns
    b. Behavioural Patters
    c. Structural Patterns

    Each patterns have a set of methods used in the development of design patterns

    The best way to learn Design Patterns is by following the articles published by the people who introduced it, The Gang of Four(GoF).

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    Hi Pinky.
    Design patterns are reusable designs which you can use into your application.
    Design patterns help us in getting more manageable, standard able, understandable code and provide a better architecture to the solution
    Yes, .Net 2.0 has a design pattern and it was named Provider Design Pattern.
    You can get more information about this by the following link:



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    Thanks to all for ur help.

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    Design patterns are basically a software design flow pattern on which classes and modules are designed.
    They are divided in
    - Creational Patterns
    - Structural Patterns
    - Behavioral Patterns
    again above parts are divied in multiple sub parts.
    you can check them on below link

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    Hai Pinky,
    Design pattern is the way to reduce the problem in design time rather than after the implementation of the project.
    It provides the reusable solution for the problems which commonly occurs during the designing of the applications.
    Lets take a example:
    We have created an applications which is in 1 tier patterns i.e. there is one front end application which contains all the related code for the database interaction as well as the business logic.
    Now we have kept the constraint in the stored procedure that if the emp sal is <10000, the record should not insert in to the database. So the record will go to the database and try to insert, from there it will fail and return back to the application. So here this is unnecessary call. If you cna restrict it to our desing and create a business layer which will take care of all these constraints, it will be good and the response time will be high for the applications.
    Like this there are many scenaris where we use the design patterns to scale up our application and reduce the response time as well as we try to reduce the dependency between the components.
    Due to these issue, the 2-tier, 3-tier and then n-tier applications came to the market.
    After this there were still many issues with these patterns, then MVC(ASP.Net MVC 2, ASP.Net MVC 3, ASP.Net MVC4), MVP, MVVM, Prism Framework etc are in the market.
    GoF(Gang Of Four) has classified the design patterns in to 3 ways:-
    1. Creational Design patterns
    2. Behavioral Design patterns
    3. Structural Design patterns
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hello Friend,

    Before you jump into your and find what pattern it is .you need to understand the basic of design pattern .

    Let give you some overview on it. Basically design patterns are split ted into three categories and
    23 Gang of Four patterns. Below is the list

    Creational Patterns
    a.Abstract Factory
    c.Factory Method

    Structural Patterns

    Behavioral Patterns
    a.Chain of Resp.
    j.Template Method

    Only if you can understand these patterns.
    You can able to identify where does your project fits in.
    will give you more idea on patterns

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