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    Is Jquery is different from ASP.Net and PHP?

    Are you looking for information on Jquery? Want to know is Jquery is different from ASP.Net and PHP? Read this thread to learn more about Jquery examples.

    Is it possible single jquery library use both ASP.Net and PHP.
    My Doubt is if I download one jquery means is it use both ASP.Net and PHP or any syntax is differ from both?
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    JQuery is a JavaScript framework that has the ability to do some rudimentary. The main function of jQuery's is focus on stable, a creating standard and powerful framework for JavaScript. jQuery Ajax calls as well to capture any errors on the server Jquery is a library of JavaScript you reference and use. While ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites and web applications.ASP.NET is a more fully-featured of framework that encompasses .NET controls and server as well as client-side aspects.

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    Hello Bibillis,

    Are you trying to ask whether jquery supports both ASP.NET and PHP ? IF yes.. Then my answer would be jQquery supports both ASP.NET and PHP.All you need to is download the JQUERY and add it to any HTML or PHP file by including a simple <script> tag.

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/pathofjquery.js"></script>

    For downloading the jquery. please visit ""

    The other way i understood your question is that You are going to develop jquery library which has to support both ASP.NET and PHP?
    Yes you can have single jquery library for both ASP.NET and PHP. But you need to write your library in a generic way so that it supports. As jquery is derived from javascript it supports ASP.NET and PHP. Make sure you are writting a generinc jquery library

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    Yes jQuery library is support both and php.
    Actually jQuery library is javascript library and that work with both application and php.
    the .net and php has different syntax but for client side code javascript using with same way..

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    Hi Bibillis.
    Yes, same jquery file can downloaded and used for both .Net and php application. Only the code for these two languages will be different.



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