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    How to Clear Multiple Textbox data in Silverlight ?


    i need to clear all textbox controls data in my silverlight page. how to clear all controls data in sliverlight ?

    could any one know about this reply me.

    Nanda kishore.CH .
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    private void btnClear_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)


    foreach (object child in container.Children)


    if (child is TextBlock || child is TextBox)

    (child as TextBlock).Text = String.Empty;



    Private Sub btnClear_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs)

    For Each child As Object In container.Children

    If TypeOf child Is TextBlock OrElse TypeOf child Is TextBox Then

    TryCast(child, TextBlock).Text = String.Empty

    End If

    Next child

    End Sub

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    You may loop through all the textboxes and clear the values from it. You will find the code you require in below thread. Please have a look at

    Asheej T K

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