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    "please help me", "I have a problem"

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    My program is : Register for study so I want the student register for study with their information like : name ,last name ,sex ,date of birth, age ,........., and photo so the code for the student can attach a photo to show ,,that i would like to know the code for the photo could you help me
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    Make on temp folder in that, save the photo and show the photo from that folder with uploaded name then you delete

    string fn = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(File1.PostedFile.FileName);
    string SaveLocation = Server.MapPath("Data") + "\\" + fn;


    If you want to delete
    delete the file

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    Kindly go through the following Links. It May helps you lot to do your Requirement.



    In that Links they have explained Lot.


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    You can use photoupload or file upload control from .net framework that should solve your problem.

    or you can use the following code

    On button click event you can load an image by creating an object of Image class like

    Image img=Image.FromFile("path of file"); or you can take the path of file from the file upload control.

    And then load it by using image property of PictureBox like

    PictureBox.Image =img;

    After that, I guess you want to save that image to another location for that you can use Copy method of File class like


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