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    How to validate datetime picker "from date" to "To date "

    how to validate date time picker "from date" to "To date " and To date should not be greater than From date . me using date time picker its a custom control developed by someone it not contain "valuechanged event" and close up event". initially this date time picker(custom control) set as empty i have to select by mouse.
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    You can make use of the Compare to validtor control for the same. here is a sample code

    ControlToValidate="Programmatic ID of Server Control to Validate"
    Operator="Operator Value"
    ErrorMessage="Message to display in ValidationSummary control"
    Text="Message to display in control"
    runat="server" >

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
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    for window apps not web apps

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    Hello RajniKant,

    Try the below Code:

    private void dateTimePickerHolidayToDate_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    DateTime fromdate = Convert.ToDateTime(dateTimePickerFromDate.Text);
    DateTime todate1 = Convert.ToDateTime(dateTimePickerToDate.Text);
    if (fromdate1 <= todate1)
    TimeSpan daycount = todate1.Subtract(fromdate1);
    int dacount1 = Convert.ToInt32(daycount.Days) + 1;
    txtDay.Text = Convert.ToString(dacount1);
    MessageBox.Show("From Date Must be Less Than To Date");

    Hope it helps you.

    Ankit Jain

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    Date checking in Datetime picker is bit easy. as we know datetime picker return Datetime object so we can store them in DateTime object and check DateFrom and DateTo

    DateTime DateFrom = dtPickerFrom.Value;
    DateTime DateTo = dtPickerTo.Value;

    if(DateFrom > DateTo)
    MessageBox.Show("Date from should not be greater than DateTo ");

    hope it helps

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