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    Store Procedure problem

    i am jenerating reports on active forms using VS 2008 AND SQL 2005,the problem is i will select customercode and enquiryreiveddate between '20/4/2012' and '25/5/2012' ,some time i need to janarate by customercode only

    i need queries and store procedure
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    CREATE PROC Search
    @CustomerID INT,
    @FromDate DATETIME,
    @ToDate DATETIME
    IF @CustomerID <> '' THEN
    -- Write your query directly fetch from Customer code
    SELECT * FROM Table
    WHERE Date BETWEEN @FromDate AND @ToDate

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    i think me not posted my problem clearly ,i have to janerate report from both customercode(column1)=@customercode and date(column2) between '20/4/2012 and 25/5/2012 and some time i have to jenarate reports by customercode=@customercode only so if i am going to jenarate reports by customercode i will not select date, date column is one in the i am jenarating reports from this date to this

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    1)i have to pass value to customercode(column1) and date(column2) between "" and ""
    2)i have to pass value to customercode(column1) only
    need store procedure

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    in my above example, if custcode is there it will not take any date.
    if u not giving id it will fire the second query

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    For date column don't use "between and" instead use less than and greater than symbol like below,

    StartDate>= '01/01/2012' and EndDate<'31/12/2012'

    Asheej T K

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    no no i have to show ex: customer code(customer code-001) have some enquiries assume 10 ,if i select customer code-001 then 10 enquiries will show ,now i have to select customer code and need to show those whom enquiries between 20/4/2012 and 25/5/2012 ,store procedure should work if select customer code and date between 20/4/2012 and 25/5/2012 or only by customer code

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