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    Crystal reports in

    I need to convert some vb6 code into Everything is working fine but coming to crystal reports, I am not able to understand how to do the following in

    If CREDITORS = "Y" Or AGREEMENT = "Y" Then
    Dim h As Byte, u As Byte
    Crpt1.Formulas(0) = "infoname='" & TxtInfoname & "'"
    If Optmale.Checked = True Then
    Crpt1.Formulas(1) = "gen='Mr'"
    Crpt1.Formulas(2) = "rel='his'"
    ElseIf OptFemale.Checked = True Then
    Crpt1.Formulas(1) = "gen='Ms'"
    Crpt1.Formulas(2) = "rel='her'"
    End If
    Crpt1.Formulas(3) = "name1='" & TxtName & "'"
    Crpt1.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\CREDITOR.rpt"
    Crpt1.Action = 1
    End If

    Here, crpt1 is the name of crystal report tool used in vb6.
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    try below code for formula field

    for (int i = 0; i <= oRpt.FormulaFields.Count - 1; i++)
    if (oRpt.FormulaFields[i].FormulaFieldName.ToString() == "infoname")
    }else if()

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