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    Difference between html control vs server controls

    Difference between html control vs server controls
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    HTML controls cannot be programmed on the server whereas serverside controls can be programmed on server as it has runat="server" attribute.
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    By default, When you drag an HTML control from the ToolBox, it will not have runat="server" attribute. So, without runat="server" you cannot access the control in code behind. However, you can add the runat="server" attribute to any HTML control. In such case it will be an HTML server control.

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    HTML controls are the controls which is accessible only in the HTML page of the .net application whereas in server controls we have runat= "server" attribute which make it accessible from code also.

    However we can make HTML control accessible to the client side by adding the same runat="server "attribute.

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    An ASP.Net server control has a rich set of (server side) methods and/or properties and might not map to a single html element.

    An html server control is just the server side representation of one html element.

    HTML Server Controls:

    HTML elements in ASP.NET files are, by default, treated as text. To make these elements programmable, add a runat="server" attribute to the HTML element. This attribute indicates that the element should be treated as a server control.

    - All HTML server controls must be within a <form> tag with the runat="server" attribute!

    Server Controls:

    Like HTML server controls, Web server controls are also created on the server and they require a runat="server" attribute to work. However, Web server controls do not necessarily map to any existing HTML elements and they may represent more complex elements.

    The syntax for creating a server control is:

    <asp:TextBox id="text_id" runat="server" />

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    HTML controls are client side controls, it would be formed in the client side

    But server side controls are processed in the server and the response would be rendered in a html format

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    Unlike HTML controls, the HTML Server controls are programmable on the web server.

    Difference between HTML controls and HTML Server controls
    a. Runat="server" is added for HTML Server control. Eg: <input id="txtName" runat="server" type="text">

    Main Advantage of using HTML server control with is to provide a better migration path for existing web forms.

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    HTML controls:
    1)Equivalent to standard HTML Elements
    2)Properties correspond to HTML attributes
    Server controls:
    1)Use asp:prefix and have run at="server" attribute
    2)Generate standard HTML
    3)Have custom Properties,events and methods
    4)ASP.Net Modifies HTML Generate based on browser and other conditions
    5)You can create custom controls


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