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    How to launch web site ?

    Hi All !

    I am web developer in technology,I got a project to create a web site and launch it from Out source.
    I have even been to various search engine,but in simple term i wanted to know what exactly i have to do to launch website ?

    pls help me.
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    (1) You need to get a domain name register (e.g. , you can register it with any of the domain provider like ,, BigRock
    (2) You need to get Hosting account, (Space for your website), You can get it from any host like ,, BigRock
    (3)Once complete step 1 & 2 , Host will provide you with login credentials for control panel
    (4) Just login to the control panel and upload your files
    (5) Configure your web.config for ConnectionString
    (6) Update the NameServer address in domain

    and your website is ready to go!!!

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    just go to the website and call to the assistent. he will guide you properly.

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    To make a site live you need basically following things
    1. Domain name: which you can register with any organization which sells domains such as godaddy
    2. Hosting Space: this is the place where your website lives. so you need to get [ purchase] hosting space on servers this can also be purchased from godaddy.
    3. than you need the source code to create your website, even you can use services like Wordpress to create your site. but for that you need to configure your domain with wordpress
    4. or if you are creating your site in any other platform like .net or PHP than login to the control pannel of your hosting to upload the code and configure your connection strings if any
    and update the NameServer address in Domain [ you can seek help for this step from the organization from whom you have purchased the domain.

    Thanks and Regards
    Miss Meetu Choudhary (Site Coordinator)
    Go Green Save Green

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    An key digital marketing tactic is website launch. Additionally to giving you the chance to get more exposure to people doing searches online, these interactions are essential in the customer lifecycle for establishing trust and demonstrating your distinct value proposition (USP)
    1. Choose a domain name
    2. Create pages and content
    3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
    4. Branding, design and usability
    5. Connect to an analytics tool
    6. Promote your website

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