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    Use proper title, summary and description for resources

    There are large number of resources posted in our site, but a big majority of them are not tuned to attract any search engine traffic. What is the use in writing a great resource but no one reads it? It is very important to optimize your resource to attract maximum search engine traffic.

    The most important points for attracting search engine traffic to your resource are:

    1. Title
    2. Summary
    3. Description
    4. Proper use of Keywords


    The title is the most important part of search engine optimization. Google looks at the title first before it decide whether a page need to be displayed in search result or not. Typically, if the term that people search are not part of the title, the page will not be shown in search results at all.

    - Use a long, descriptive title so that it can contain multiple terms that can be searched by various people. Try to make the title atleast 10 words.

    - Use a proper sentence as title. Do not use few words that are separated by comma, pipe symbol (|) etc.

    - Think about the keywords in your resource that usually people will search for. Try to include that keyword/term/phrase in a meaningful manner in the title.


    Take a look at the below image which is a Google search result page:

    In the image, you can see that under the title, a short summary is displayed (which is marked in a red box).

    If you provide a good summary in your resource, that summary will appear in the Google result page. If there is no proper summary, then Google will randomly pick some portion of text and display it there, which may or may not be interesting for the viewers. If the summary is not relevant or important, people may not bother to click on that result and may move on to some other results, by losing a visitor to our resource.

    So, provide a good summary for all of your resources.

    * The summary should be atleast 2 sentences (3 is ideal).

    * Summary can be something like this:

    In this article, I will explain ...... Also, I have mentioned about (topic1, topics 2, topic3 etc).

    Example 1:
    Let us take the resource "How to disable Aero in Windows 7" as an example. A good summary can be like this:

    In this article, I will explain how to disable Aero in Windows 7. 
    Even though it is a great feature, sometimes you may want to disable it
    for performance reasons.

    Example 2:
    Article title: Which is the best Antivirus?

    In this article, I will explain some of the best antivirus 
    software available in the market. Antivirus is very important to keep
    your Windows PC safe from malware.

    In most cases, you can start the summary with the words "In this article, I will explain ...."

    Some notes:

    * Do not write everything in capital letters.

    * Use proper grammar and spelling.

    * Do not use few comma separated words as the summary. Summary should be meaningful and complete sentences.


    There are 100s of code snippets posted in our resources section with no description. Such code snippets are very useful for people, but there is no way any one going to find them since Google will not show them in the search results.

    A piece of C# or Javascript code snippet does not make any sense for Google. For Google to consider it as a valuable resource, you must provide a detailed description about the code snippet in plain English. That is the only way Google will consider it as a valuable resource and show them in search results when people search for code snippets on the topic.

    So, a valid description is very important for any resource you submit. Even in case of code snippets, there must be 3-4 lines of description explaining what the code does.

    Remember to include the keywords/terms/phrases few times in a meaningful manner in the description. You may use the <b></b> tags to make the keywords bold.
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    Really this is very important for all the DNS memebrs.

    This is the technique that our article and resources will reach to all on the web.

    We must follow this rule.

    Thanks alot Sir.


    Rajesh Kumar Parbat

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    I want to thank Webmaster for this post.
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    We get much benefits from here, and many people around the world are searching for a great post and answers among them.


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    it really worth full..

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    I want to thank Webmaster for this post



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    Thanks Tony for such useful information.

    I request all the memebers to follow it strictly.

    Thanks & Regards
    Paritosh Mohapatra

    Thanks & Regards
    Paritosh Mohapatra
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    Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

    This will help both author as well editor.

    Thanks once again.

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    It is much awaited one and i hope all DNS members will follow this.

    Most of the time new members makes the mistakes by putting "Urget..." etc. in thier title. So it would be nice if we can send this to new members email when they register to DNS.

    Asheej T K

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    Thats really a good piece of information for all members

    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepika - Sr. Editor
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    Thanks. It will be helpful to forum viewers to understand easily.

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    This is very good information..
    Thanks Tony for such useful information.

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    Abhay Kumar Raut

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    Thank you i will fallow this way

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    Amazing View of search criteria
    Thanks you for useful suggestion.

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    Mahesh Nagar

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    Thanks Tony
    for great useful information.

    I request all the memebers to follow it strictly.

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    Really this is very important for all the DNS memebrs.

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    Nice Information provided here.
    really very useful for us.


    Jigar Shah
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    Thanks for the information,
    follow the instructions, while posting resources.

    Ashfaq Modi

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