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    Mr. Ramasamy.N thanks to u... but.........

    sir, buttion used in aspx.vb page.
    asp:buttion not display.
    this is created in string.
    u know , i used input or asp:buttion any one.
    how is get function.

    str += "<td class=border><input type=""submit"" onClick=""getfilename();"" id=""btn"" runat=""server"" value= " & (i + 1).ToString & " > </td>

    how is this function created
    protected void getfilename(object sender, EventArgs e)

    when i call function, and get query. but i am didnot work in script page.

    thank you
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    you have create this function in server -side

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    helo ,you r calling function from client side.
    but function body is in server side.
    u can not do like this.

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    how is posible?

  • #212990
    use AJAX to call Server-Side function

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    Your problem solved

    use onserverclick="getfilename" instead of OnClick="getfilename"

    and use the

    protected void getfilename(object sender, EventArgs e)

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