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    Mr. Ramasamy.N thanks to u... but.........

    Not Display in Asp:Buttion or Image Buttion or LInk buttion,
    now diplay in input type="submit" buttion

    str += "<td class=border><input type=""submit"" onClick=""getfilename()"" id=""btn"" runat=""server"" value= " & (i + 1).ToString & " > </td>"

    diplayed and post back is clear. but how is get Event in another function .

    i want call this function

    private function ...()
    Dim tfID As String = Request.QueryString("task_file_id")
    Dim lID As String = Request.QueryString("level_id")

    'Dim taskid As String = ds.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item("task_file_id").ToString
    'Dim levelid As String = ds.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item("level_id").ToString
    Dim k As String = _fs.getTaskFilePath(tfID, lID, "false")
    Dim dir As DirectoryInfo = New DirectoryInfo(k)
    Dim fsi As FileSystemInfo
    For Each fsi In dir.GetFileSystemInfos()
    'Dim d1 As DirectoryInfo = CType(fsi, DirectoryInfo)
    'Dim dirName As String = Path.GetFullPath(d1.FullName.ToString)
    Dim d As FileInfo = CType(fsi, FileInfo)
    Dim fileName As String = d.Name.ToString
    'Dim filename1 As String = k & "\" & fileName
    Catch Es As Exception
    End Try

    End If

    end function

    thanks to advance
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    Please Explain one again

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