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Fw: a noisy environment

From: prakasheca <prakasheca2014@rediffmail.com> on Sun, 28 Apr 2019 15:37:41 Add to address bookTo: 1 recipient | See Details

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From: "prakasheca"prakasheca2014@rediffmail.com on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 18:08:17 +0530
To: "madivalatrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in"madivalatrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in,"addlcptrafficbcp@gmail.com"addlcptrafficbcp@gmail.com,"dcptrafficeast@gmail.com"dcptrafficeast@gmail.com,"compolbcp@ksp.gov.in"compolbcp@ksp.gov.in,"bsktrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in"bsktrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in,"vjnagartrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in"vjnagartrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in,"kslyttrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in"kslyttrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in,"bngcitysouth@kspcb.gov.in"bngcitysouth@kspcb.gov.in,"memsecy@kspcb.gov.in"memsecy@kspcb.gov.in,"ho@kspcb.gov.in"ho@kspcb.gov.in,"rtobngs-ka@nic.in"rtobngs-ka@nic.in,"transcom@nic.in"transcom@nic.in,"proctr-trans-ka@nic.in"proctr-trans-ka@nic.in
Subject: Re: a noisy environment
Hi All,
 Where is action on Unnecessary Honking sir? -as said by traffic dept. on On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 10:32 AM.

I am writing on behalf of lakhs of sufferers and all of us will be greatful to you if you can help and control the issue by atleast 50-60%.

It has become bad habit for people and many people honk irrespective of residential areas, temples, schools, offices etc. and creating noise pollution and made Bengaluru hell filled effect.
Create awareness in public about using - Indicators, rear mirror and brakes and not horns.
Your dept. is only worried about helmet/seatbelt!! And public and you also know the benefit to your dept. on making helmet compulsory!

See how foreign country traffic dept. has maintained their countries where we hardly hear horn sound. Whereas in Blr there will not be even a second without horn sound.

- Roadside offices can't operate if they don't have glass doors/windows.
- When people taking call from a person in public/roadside, we canlt hear anything other than Horn sound.
- In so many houses old aged people can't have proper sleep and students can;t study because of this unwanted/irritating sound.
- People don't honk when it is really necessary and honk for all unnecessary reasons or without reasons.
- Coming to NO-Parking , 90% sure that there will be vehicles below every no-parking board, which is causing traffic jam!

In Bengaluru, every 50 mtr areas we can hear horn sound lakhs of times almost 24/7.
Nothing is impossible and also people are not that bad, once awareness is created min.50% of problem will be solved and That is enough.

@ Pollution control board/ RTO,
  Looks like you are sleeping. Many a times I have called and there is no proper response and no care about noise pollution.

A few solutions(from public end) to resolve the issue:-
(1) Many circles have police chowka and option to make announcements in speaker, use speakers to announce for creating awareness in public.
(2) Traffic police patrolling vehicles can also announce about no-honking and give warnings to people.
(3) Put banners/boards to display no-honking message instead of displaying only about helmet/seat belt.

Thumba thanks...hoping you give importance to this and work on it.


From: "prakasheca"<prakasheca2014@rediffmail.com>
Sent: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 01:20:40
To: "Madivala Traffic PS"<madivalatrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in>
Subject: Re: a noisy environment

Thanks for your reply but attachment has encoded format. Unable to read the content
Please send again . PDF format would be better.

From: Madivala Traffic PS <madivalatrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in>
Sent: Fri, 15 Sep 2017 17:00:48 GMT+0530
To: prakasheca2014@rediffmail.com
Subject: a noisy environment

plz find attached fil
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