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Connecting to VSS Database

This chapters explains how to connect to a vss server from vss clients.

After creating the vss database, users can connect to it.

To start using VSS software, open 'Visual Source Safe' from the Programs Menu. By default, it will connect to the default database called 'Microsoft Visual Studio'. To connect to another database, select 'Open SourceSafe Database' from 'Users' menu. This will prompt you to select a database from the list.

If your database is not listed, you must select 'Browse' button and navigate to the folder where VSS database is created. When you open the folder where database is created, you must select a file called 'SourceSafe.ini' from the folder.

If your VSS database is installed on another computer, you must map a network drive to the shared folder on the other machine where the database is created. Then select the mapped drive from the drop down in the 'Find Database' dialog.

Select appropriate drive and navigate to the folder where VSS database is created. Select the file 'SourceSafe.ini' from the folder and press 'Open' to connect to the database.

When you connect to the database, you will see an explorer like view in the Visual Source Safe.

On the left pane, you will see a tree view. There is only one node in the tree and it is named '$'. This represents the root folder of your project. You can create folders and add files to it.

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