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Source Control Database

This chapter gives an insight into the source control databases.

Do not get confused with databases like MS Access or SQL Server when we talk about the Source Control database. This is totally different. While MS Access or SQL Server is used to create tables and store data, Source control databases are used to store the files. Each source control system has their own proprietary format and method to store their data(files).

One of the popular source control systems called 'Visual Source Safe' uses text files to store it's data. When you create a new 'database' in VSS, it creates a bunch of files in it's folder. Whenever you checkin a file to VSS, it will break that file into some custom format and store into one or more of the database files it created.

However, as a user of source control system, you will not bother about the source control database. You will always use the source control client software to checkin/checkout files. You will not even see where the database is located. The Source Control Administrator may be the only person who need to worry about the source control. He will be responsible to take backup of the database files so that the entire source control system and files stored within it can be restored in case of a system crash.

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