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Benefits and purpose of virtual machines

This article explains the benefits of using virtual machines

Virtual machines allow you to have (almost) fully functional computers without having to pay for several computers.

Virtual machines allows developers to test potentially buggy software on a variety of different operating systems without having to worry about crashing the host system. It is easy to "delete" a virtual computer and recreate new one. If you have saved a copy of the original one, you can restore from original copy.

You can create a virtual machine, install operating system, install all prerequisite software and then make a backup copy of the virtual machine hard disk image. Anytime you want to restore or recreate the original state of a virtual machine, simply restore from this file.

In a software development environment, the testing team can install several operating systems in different virtual machines and test the software in each environment.

For a product development company, it is useful to have different versions of the product installed in different virtual machines for testing and customer support purpose.

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