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Creating virtual hard disks

This chapter explains how to create virtual hard disks.

You can create virtual hard disks along with Virtual machine creation process or create separately and add to existing virtual machines. This chapter explains how to create virtual hard disks independent of virtual machines.

The first step to create a virtual machine is to create one or more virtual hard disks. Under the group Virtual Disks on the left panel, you will see the "Create" option. It allows you to create different types of disks. A Fixed sized Virtual Hard Disk will occupy the selected amount of space from the host computer whether you really use it or not. So, let us go for "Dynamically Expanding Virtual Hard Disk". This option will create a hard disk will occupy only the space it really uses.

Select the option Virtual Disks > Create > Dynamically Expanding Virtual Disks. The Create Disks screen allows you to specify the settings for the new virtual disk. You have to specify the following information:

Location: - This is the location in your host computer where you want to store your new virtual hard disk file. If you don't see your preferred location in the drop down, don't worry. You can either add your path to the dropdown by clicking on the "B>Search Paths link or by simply typing the full path for the disk file name.

Virtual hard disk file name: This is the name of your hard disk. If you have not selected a location in the above drop down, then you have to specify the full path here.

For example, if you enter the disk file name as D:\VirtualDisks\DevServer1, it will create a hard disk named "DevServer1.vhd" in the location "D:\VirtualDisks". The file extension ".vhd" is automatically appended to the file.

Size: This is the maximum hard disk size for your virtual hard disk. If you had selected "Fixed Size Disk", then your disk file will always occupy the space you specify here. If you select "Dynamic Disk", then the initial size occupied by the disk file will be around 35 KB and it can grow up to the size you specify here.

After you specify the above parameters, press the "Create" button. it will redirect you to the admin main page and you will see a status as shown below on the right panel:

It will take few seconds to complete the disk creation process. After it is complete, you can go to the specified location in your host computer's hard disk and make sure that the file with the extension .vhd is created.

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