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Getting started with a new virtual machine

This chapter explains how to start using the virtual machine you created in previous step.

To stop, start or manage your virtual machines, go to the admin site and select the following option from the left panel:

Virtual Machines > Configure > Virtual Machine Name

If you have created a brand new virtual machine, you will see a screen as shown below:

The icon on top left indicates the virtual machine is not started. Click on the icon to start it. Now the icon will change as shown below:

Point your mouse on the virtual machine name on the right side of the icon. It will show you a context menu as shown below:

Select 'Remote Control' to launch the screen to manage your virtual machine.

If you have not enabled the VMRC Server, you will get an error as shown below:

Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) server must be enabled before you can remotely control a virtual machine with the ActiveX VMRC control or through the Virtual Machine Remote Control client.

To enable this, select the checkbox VMRC server just below the error message.

Keep all other default values and press the OK button. You may be prompted to install an ActiveX control. Install the ActiveX by accepting the warnings and prompts. It may take few seconds to complete installation of ActiveX.

You will see the screen as shown below:

This is your new computer. Do whatever you want with it !

You definitely need to install an operating system to proceed. So insert your Windows CD to the CD drive on your host computer and "press any key to proceed".

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