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dotnetspider.com success story

This article explains how I started dotnetspider.com and made it a popular site with few million hits per month.

I developed www.dotnetspider.com during November-December 2003 and officiallylaunched in January 2004. I applied all the search engine optimization techniques I learned from my other small sites. I put all my energy to write simple tutorials to attract beginners and students. I sent several emails repeatedly to all my friends in my address book, even though they made fun of me. I send emails to several hundred web masters requesting for a link to my web site. Some of them gave a link to my web site and most of them ignored my emails!

Every morning I used to wake up with different ideas to promote the site. I tried tricks like posting feedbacks about my own site in many other review forums. I visited all popular forums and identified the questions which I know the answer. I wrote small articles in dotnetspider about those topics and then posted responses in those forums pointing a link to dotnetspider. All those tricks worked well initially and I got the satisfaction that I invented some techniques to promote the site easily. (However, later I learned that those are very common tricks in SEO world and I could have easily foudn them if I had spend enough time to read articles on search engine optimization.)

The tricks and email invitations will help only to get some initial traffic. That will not help to grow the site as a popular site. I spend days and nights and week ends to write tutorials, articles and cool features like student projects, code factory, job search etc.

It took only 8-9 months for dotnetspider.com to grow as a major technology site which attracts around 75,000 hits per day. Now there are several hundred web sites that link to this web site without a request. Dotnetspider.com is an established tutorial web site now.

Since I already have an established web site, it was easy for me to promote any other web site I start. Later I started several other web sites and promoted them with the help of dotnetspider.com. AspSpider.com is one of the leading web sites I started recently, which is growing faster that the rate at which dotnetspider.com was growing during the initial stages.

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