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Identify your keywords

This chapter explains the importance of identifying keywords for your pages and optimizing your content for the keywords.

You cannot expect that your site will appear in the top search results for all search terms that people search for. You must identify the specific keywords important for your web page and try to optimize your site.

Identify the keywords

The first step is identifying the keywords for your page. If you have a small web site dealing with a specific subject, then you can optimize all pages of your web site with the terms related to the same keyword.

For example, if your site is all about "job search", then you can optimize various pages in your site with keywords like "ASP.NET job search", "C# job search", "VB.NET job search", "Jobs in USA" etc.

When search engines index and rank your web site, your site will be compared with other sites with the same keywords and ranked based on various criteria. If your site rank higher than other sites for your keywords, then your page will appear on top of other sites in search results.

Be specific on keywords

When you select keywords, remember that you are competing with millions of other web sites. So, if you select common keywords like "job search", there are already major players like www.dice.com, www.monster.com etc who invest thousands of dollars for site promotion and already established high ranking in search results. It will be hard for you to compete with them. So, it is a good idea to focus on more specific keywords like "asp.net jobs in Dallas", "C# jobs in Bangalore" etc so that you have less number of competetors and have higher chances of getting in top search results. Also, if you are focusing on job search in a specific area, there is no point in competing with global players instead of competing with specific local players.

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