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Major Search Engines

This chapter talks about the major search engines.

There are thousands of search engines that allow searching the web sites in the internet. Some of the leading search engines are listed below:

1. Google Search ( http://www.google.com )
2. Yahoo Search ( http://www.yahoo.com )
3. MSN Live Search ( http://www.live.com )
4. Ask ( http://www.ask.com )
5. AltaVista ( http://www.altavista.com )

Even though there are several search engines that allow you to search the internet, 99% of the internet search is handled by 3 major search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. Among the 3 major search engines, Google is the leading player. Google is popular because of it's fast and reliable search results.

Each of the search engines have it's own rules for indexing and ranking web sites. You must optimize your web site for each search engine to get indexed by search engines.

Each search engine has it's own algorithm to rank web sites. This makes it difficult for you to please all search engines because If you optimize your site for one search engine, it may be against the rules of other search engines.

Due to the complexities involved in optimizing the site for various search engines, most web masters prefer to optimize the site for one or two major search engines and ignore the rest.

This is the approach I recommend:

Optimize your site for Google. Then consider Yahoo and MSN Live optimization and make specific changes only if it is not against the rules of Google. This approach will help you keep Google happy about your site and also get ranked high by Yahoo and MSN Live as much as possible.

Since the traffic that you can get from other search engines are not very significant, it may not be worth spending too much time and effort to optimize the site for other search engines. Also, if you optimize the site for Google, that will be good enough to keep most of the other search engines happy since most of them are trying to imitate Google.

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