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Promote your web site with the help of friends

This article explains how to use your friends and other contacts to get some initial traffic to your web site.

In this chapter, I am going to talk about a no-cost web site promotion technique. This may not help you to attract thousands of visitors to your site. But during the initial stages of a new web site, even one hit is important. The following instructions may help you to get started with your web site and get some initial traffic.

Send emails to your friends

This is your first step which costs you nothing - just tell your friends about your new web site. Send emails to all your friends in your address book.

Do not send a bulk email to all your friends. Instead, send a personal email to each person. Compose a personal email and tell him that you are looking for his personal feedback and let him know that his expert suggestions are very valuable for you.

Remember to reply to each friend if he reply with any suggestion. Try to implement some of his/her suggestions and let him know that you have implemented what he suggested. This will help you to get more and more attention from your friends to your site.

When I started my first web site, I used to send emails to my friends about each small change I make. I reached a point where my friends started making fun of my "web site promotion mania". But I was happy about the few hits I get from my friends and their friends too.

Include your friends in the team

This is one the techniques I successfully tried in all the web sites I started. Just include your friends and their photos in your site's 'About Us' page or 'Valuable Members' page. Let your friends know that you recognize their contributions and suggestions and so you included them as part of your site's core team.

This will make your friends feel proud and they will take care of advertising your site (since they feel that this is their site too !)

Use your site to share information

When you want to share some information to others, don't send an email. Instead, host the information in your web site and send the link by email.

If your site is a technical site, whenever somebody ask you a technical question, just say "let me think about it and get back to you". Then post the question and answer in the site and give the URL instead of giving the answer directly. This will help you get traffic from them. The long term benefit of this approach is, other people who search for the same information in search engines may come to your site. Also, whenever you get time, you can post bits and pieces of information in your web site.

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