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Getting traffic to a web site

Developing a web site is only a beginning. Getting visitor's to your site is the most important thing!

I developed my first web site 6 years back with the aim of learning ASP. Making money from web sites was not even in my dreams.

Even though I developed couple of web sites in my computer, I never hosted them. The first ASP web site I hosted was with Brinkster, on a free hosting plan. That site had average 50 hits per day (all from my computer!) and died after couple of months.

Later I developed a web site called http://www.spiderkerala.com, packed with a million features. It was originally developed using ASP. During the initial several months, the only hits that site got was from my own home computer and office PC. However, I kept on sending mails to all my friends and relatives and eventually started getting some external hits. I was really excited when my site traffic reached average 100 hits per day.

Slowly, the site started appearing in Google search results. I added some good features like recipes, matrimonial etc and started getting regular visitors too. Within a year, spiderkerala.com started getting average 2000 hits per day.

This made me think that if I can put some hard work on promoting the site rather than developing several features, I can get more traffic. I removed lot of features from the site and reduced the features to few like pin code search, matrimonial, recipes, links to other web sites etc. Also, I put some static pages to interesting topics like movies, music etc.

I started reading about search engine optimization and quickly learned that it is big deal than I ever thought. There is a lot to learn about search engine optimization. Developing a web site is only a beginning. You can search for 'search engine optimization' in Google and see how many articles are written about this topic.

I started doing lot of optimization in my site and got surprising results within few months. Traffic increased to several thousand hits per day.

Later I converted my site to ASP.NET and ended up losing lot of hits from search engine. This is because I removed all old ASP files and Google was still sending traffic to old pages which do not exist any more. It took several months for my new ASP.NET pages to get indexed in Google.

However, I learned lot of things about optimizing web sites. I also learned that spiderkerala.com targets a small community in the world and there is a limit it can grow. So, I decided to develop another site for '.NET Tutorials' which can target visitors from all over the world.

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