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How to promote your web site ?

This article gives various tips to promote your web site.

If you have millions of dollars to invest, it is quite easy to promote your website. You can simply hire a company who specializes in web site promotion and search engine optimization.

This article is to help people who do not want to invest money to advertise web site. Most of the tips in this article are based on my experience in the past. I started with a small web site and now own some of the world's largest .NET tutorial web site (http://www.dotnetspider.com, http://www.aspspider.net etc).

1. Let your friends and colleagues know about site and request them to visit and give their suggestions.

2. Have quality content in your web site so that people will come back to your site. Also, most of the search engines rank your web site based on the quality of the content.

3. Optimize your web site for search engines so that they rank high in search results. Arrange the folders, files and page navigation in the way search engines love. Identify the keywords and optimize the page for your favorite keywords. The search engine optimization is discussed in detail in another chapter.

4. Get links to your web site from other web sites. You can participate in link exchange programs and get some links to your web site. Search engines give high importance for the number of links you have from other web sites.

5. Don't wait for search engines to find your web site. Submit your site to search engines and get indexed as early as possible.

6. Use proper HTML and light weight images in your web site. If you use poorly formatted HTML, browsers may be able to display your site properly, but search engines may not be able to properly parse the content. Also, heavy images make the pages to load slower and some search engines may not wait to load the slow pages.

Getting traffic from your friends and colleagues may help you to get started. But this may not help much in the long run because your friends will lose interest after some time. It will be hard for you to keep telling everyone to visit your site.

Your long term goal must be to get traffic through search engines. It may take several months of efforts to get listed high in the search engines. But once you get listed and start getting traffic from search engines, it is quite easy to stay there. All you have to do is, keep optimizing your site so that you get ranking gets higher and higher in the search results.

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