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Programming languages and technologies to develop Windows 8 Metro Apps

In this chapter, you can learn what are the technologies and programming languages you need to learn to start developing cool Windows 8 Metro Apps.

You can use the following development environments and technologies to develop Windows Metro style apps:

1. Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
2. Using native C++
3. .NET programming languages like C# and Visual Basic

If you are interested in developing simple web based Metro Apps, you can go for the HTML5 and CSS3 option. Remember, the Metro Apps run on Windows Metro interface and they are not really web applications, even though it allow you to use HTML 5 as the programming language.

If you are a hard core develop and want to develop strong, business intensive applications, you may go for native C++ or .NET programming languages.

You may use Visual Studio 2012 to develop Metro applications, no matter which programming language you choose.

Latest Windows SDK need to be installed before you can use many of the new Metro features in Windows 8.

Also, you can run Metro Apps only on Windows 8 (and future operating systems from Microsoft).

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