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Introduction to Html

This chapter gives an introduction to HTML.

Introduction to HTML

When we talk about web application development, we can't exclude HTML. it is the building blocks of web development.

HTML is the language used to develop web pages. A web page is nothing but a collection of html tags, organized in some specific form. In short, any web page is composed of a set of HTML tags. Browsers receive web pages from web servers and display the page to the user based on the tags.

You can see the HTML tags of the web page by seeing the source of the web page. To view the source of any web page, right click on the web page and select 'View Source'. (You can view the source of this page by doing the same).

Definition of HTML

As usual, different people will give different and interesting definitions, lets see some of them,

  • HTML is a programming language used in the creation of Web pages.

  • The document format language used on the World Wide Web. Web browsers read HTML and display the page.

  • HTML - the computer language that forms the basis of web pages.

  • HTML is a markup language based on but simpler than SGML used to annotate hypertext documents for publication on the World Wide Web, to take advantage of the WWW’s capacity to connect documents and sections of documents across the Net.

In the above definition you could have noticed some terms which may be jargons to some you, so let me first explain what are they.

“HTML is a programming langauage” -

Even though HTML is a programming language, it is very different from other programming languages like C++ or VB.NET. HTML is a much simpler language and it is not compiled. HTML is used only to develop static web sites. You cannot achieve much functionality with HTML.

HTML has it's own syntax. But most of the browsers ignore even if there is a syntax error in the HTML used to create the web page.

You will learn more about HTML tags and syntax in up coming chapters.

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