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Introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML

Click here to download sample HTML files.

What is HTML

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) - is the language used for creating hypertext documents (web pages) and controlling how Web pages appear.

Even though it is a language, it is different from other programming languages like C++ or Java. In languages like C++ and Java, you can write complex applications and the language has its own syntax and rules. But you can use HTML to develop only web pages.

Some facts about HTML

  • HTML is plain text, composed of tags.
  • HTML tags are always enclosed in angle-brackets ( < >)
  • HTML is not case sensitive, that means, it doesn't matter whether you type them in lower case or upper case.
  • Tags typically are used in begin-end pairs. Most of the HTML tags have an open tag and a close tag: Eg:


    Some tags like <HTML>, <HEAD> etc are mandatory in any html file. A basic HTML file will have the following structure:



    <title>your title</title>



    your page content


    All the HTML tags in the above code is mandatory for an HTML page. You may copy and paste the above code into a file in notepad and name it test.html. Open the file in internet explorer to see how it works.

    You can open any html file in notepad to see the HTML tags. Open the html file in Internet Explorer to see the output of HTML. Open the sample html files in notepad and make some changes own your own and see the changes in explorer.

    You can right click on any web page in internet, including this page and select the menu option 'View Source' to see the HTML used to create that web page. Right click on this page and choose the option 'View Source'. You can see the HTML code used to create this page.

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