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Virtual server hosting

This chapter explains what is Virtual server hosting.

Virtual server hosting offers more flexibility than shared hosting, but several limitations compared to dedicated hosting. There will be several member sites hosted on teh same server, but you will see only your sites. You will be given access to server, but you will not be able to access other member sites.

Advantages of virtual server hosting

Each member accounts will be highly isolated from other member sites. Even if one site mal functions, it cannot affect other sites. This way, it gives the benefit of dedicated server.

Since several sites are hosted on the same machine, they can offer low rates for virtual server hosting.

Limitations and dis advantages of virtual server hosting

Since several sites are hosted on the same server, you will be allowed to use only your share of the resources in the machine. There will be space, bandwidth and memory usage limitations. Also, it cannot offer the same performance as the dedicated server because system resources are shared between several sites.

When to go for virtaul server hosting ?

If your site is too big for a shared hosting, but you can't afford a dedicated server, then virtual hosting is for you. While dedicated servers host anywhere between US$100 to US$ 500 per month, virtual server hosting will host between US$25 to US$ 100 per month.

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