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Design mode and HTML mode

This chapter explains what is design mode and HTML mode in VS.NET

An aspx page can be opened in 2 modes in VS.NET

  • Design mode
  • HTML mode

    Design mode

    In design mode, you can actually view how the page is going to look like when it is displayed in the browser. It will show you all the controls like textbox, labels etc. You can drag and drop controls to the page when it is opened in design mode.

    HTML mode

    In this mode, you can see the actual content of the aspx page in plain text. Whatver controls you see in design mode, you will see the corresponding code here.

    How to switch between design and html modes ?

    You can easily switch between modes when an aspx file is opened in VS.NET. Double click on an aspx file in the solution explorer to open it in the editor. Now you can see 2 buttons as shown below in the bottom left corner of the page.

    To switch between modes, click on the Design/HTML links.

    If you drag and drop a control in design mode and switch to the html mode, you can see the corresponding html code. Similarly, you can type code in html mode and switch to design mode to view it.

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