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User Tracker project

This chapter leads you to create a small project where we can try various concepts you learned so far.

This sample project is developed using Visual Studio.NET 2003. Is you are using VS.NET 2005, you can just follow almost all the steps wihtout much changes and re compile the downloadable samples. But if you are using Visual Web Developer Express (VWD), the samples and screenshots may not work for you. If you are using VWD, you may skip this project. All our upcoming projects will be using VWD.

Even if you are using VWD, you may go through the pages to understand the concepts.

Tired of reading too much theory? Ok, it is time to try out whatever you learned so far.

In this chapter, we will create a small project and try various concepts we learned so far. This is a small project with no real world usage, but you can learn lot of things from this.


Let us name the project "User Tracker". This application will display the list of users currently logged in. Also, we will use this small project to learn some more concepts in the upcoming chapters.

In the first page of this web application, it will prompt you to enter your name in a textbox. Once you enter the name, it will be stored in the session variable and hide the textbox. It wont allow you to enter the name again, if the name is already stored in the session variable. Instead, it will display a welcome message with your name in a Label control.

There will be another page which will display the name of all the users who entered their name in the first page. How do we do this? Each time a user enter the name, we will store the name into an ArrayList object and this ArrayList object will be stored in an Application variable. Application variables are visible to all users of the application. So, you can view the list of all users.

Create new project

Under C:\AspSpider, create a new folder called "UserTracker". Make this folder a virtual directory by right clicking on the folder name and selecting "Properties > Web Sharing > Share this folder". We did this to ensure that VS.NET will create the web project within this folder.

Now go to Visual Studio and create a new ASP.NET application. Select VB.NET or C# whichever you are comfortable with, but this tutorial will use VB.NET language for code samples.

Create the project with the name "UserTracker" by selecting options as shown below:

After you press OK, visual studio will create the project files and default pages into the folder C:\AspSpider\UserTracker. If you have not configured the virtual directory correctly, then visual studio will create a folder called "UserTracker" under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot.

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