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Introduction to Session handling

This article explains what is a session and how to handle sessions in ASP.NET

What is a session ?

A session represents the relationship between a client(browser) and the webserver, during the period the user is actively accessing the website.

The relation between a client(browser) and web server is 'Stateless'. This means, once a browser requests a page and server returns it, there is no direct connection between browser and server (until the next page is requested). Once a page is returned by the server and displayed in the browser, the user can view the page as long as he wants.

However, even though there is no connection is retained between the browser and web server after a request is served, the webserver will still remember the browser's Identity for 'some more' time. If the browser requests another page within this short timeframe, the server knows that this is a repeated request from a browser it knows. This mechanism is called "Session".

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