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Google PageRank (PR)

This article explains Google PageRank

One of my friend recently started "Chicken Barbeque catering". He approached me and asked for a small help. He wanted when anyone search for "Barbeque catering" in Google, his small web site should appear first in the search results.

It was very difficult for me to convince him that it is a million dollar business in the web. Let me explain how Google (or any other search engine engine) will decide which site to show in search results.

Google can show search results from web pages only if Google has that web site "indexed" in their database. Google and all other search engines have some tools which will retrieve content of all web pages in the internet and save to their database. Once saved to their database, their tools will analyze the web pages and identify the content of the pages.

Depending on the quality of the web site, Google will give a ranking for each and every web page it has indexed. This is called Google Page Rank.

Every webmaster is trying his best to improve his Google Page Rank by using several methods and tricks. The web sites are shown in the search result based on Google's internal ranking for that site for that keyword.

When anyone search in internet for "Barbeque catering", Google will search in it's database for the keyword "Barbeque catering" and prioritise the results based on it's internal ranking for that keyword.

The "Page Rank" is per page. It is not related to any keyword.

If you have installed Google Toolbar, you can see the pageRank as a small green color horizontal bar. Point your mouse and it will show you the Rank Number. Google Page Rank number can vary from 1 to 10. There are only couple of websites with page rank 10.

Google gives a ranking for everyweb site it know. One of the main criteria to show a site in the results is the page rank of the site. So, if you like to have your web site listed in the Google search results, on of the things you have to focus is to increase your site's Page rank.

The Page Rank is not for a site. It is for each page in your site. Most probably, the home page of any web site will have the best page rank and other pages will have relatively lower page rank.

You can read several articles in internet about Google Page rank. Just search for how to increase google page rank in Google and you can find lot of interesting articles.

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