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Your first web application using VWD

Let us get started with a new VWD web site.

I believe you have successfully installed Visual Web Developer. if you have not yet installed VWD, download and install now.

Create a new web site

In the previous chapter you learned the first step to create an application is to create a new web site. Let us take a look at VWD and see how can you create a new web site.

Go to Start Menu > Programs and select "Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition". This will launch the VWD application. Go to the File menu and select "New Web Site". You will get a screen as shown below:

The screen shows different options to create a web site. For time being, let us start with a ASP.NET web site. You will learn more about other types of projects later.

Select "ASP.NET Web Site" from the top part of the dialog box.

Now, look at the bottom left corner. It gives you the option to select the language for your ASP.NET project. You learned in an earlier chapter that ASP.NET is a technology and you need to select a programming language to develop ASP.NET projects.

Select Visual C# or Visual Basic as the language. We will be using "Visual C#" for this example. So, we reccommend you also select Visual C#.

The next step is selecting a location. Just above the Language option, you will see an option to select the location. Select "File System" and in the right side of it, specify the location where you want the project to be created.

Let us organize all our projects in one location. have you already created a folder called "AspSpider" in your C drive? If not, create now. We will be keeping all our sample projects under C:\AspSpider.

Now, in the space provided to specify the project location, type the path C:\AspSpider\MyFirstProject and press OK. You are done! VWD has created a new project for you. In this case, "MyFirstProject" is the name of your project and "C:\AspSpider\" is the location where the project will be created.

Go to windows explorer and look at the folder C:\AspSpider\. You will see that VWD has created a new folder called "MyFirstProject". This is how VS.NET or VWD organize the projects. For each project (or, web site), a new folder will be automatically created. If you navigate to this folder, you will see that a set of files are automatically created for you. This is another advantage of using VWD or VS.NET compared to using notepad. Many required files will be automatically created for you by VS.NET or VWD and save lot of time for you.

You will notice that there is no solution file and project file under the web site folder. You can learn more about the location of the solution file in this chapter.

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