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Download Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition

This article talks about the Visual Web Developer (VWD) express edition.

This tutorial is all about ASP.NET and web development. The ideal environment to develop ASP.NET pages is, using Visual Studio 2005.

However, if you cannot spend lot of money to buy the VS.NET license, you can go for VWD (Visual Web Developer). VWD is free, if you download and register the product from Microsoft web site before November 2006. (This means VWD will be free for ever, if you download and register before November 2006).

What is VWD ?

VWD is a light weight version of Visual Studio 2005. It has most of the features of Visual Studio so that you can develop web applications. it comes with all interesting features like intellisense, drag and drop designer etc.

However, if you are an advanced web developer or if you need to work on windows applications and web applications at the same time, you may need to go for Visual Studio instead of VWD.

Also, VWD supports only web projects. You cannot create windows applications using VWD. Microsoft has released separate express editions for windows application development.

Where can I download Visual web Developer (VWD)?

You can download VWD from this Microsoft page - http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/vwd/. There is a download link on the right side of the page.

Sample projects

Our tutorials are targetted for beginners and we assume most of them are using VWD. So, we provide majority of our sample projects and code in VWD. Most of the screenshots we show in the tutorials are refering to VWD.

If you are using Visual Studio, then all the sample projects can be opened in Visual Studio. The only issue will be, the screens and pictures we refer in the tutorials may be different in Visual Studio.

Make sure you download and install VWD before you proceed with the rest of the tutorials.

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