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How to dynamically create Link Buttons for Custom Paging in DataGrid Control

In .Net when it comes to Gridview control we want to achieve a task like Custom paging with Linkbuttons . How we achieve it ? This Article will demonstrate to handle a custom paging in Gridview control using asp.net . In this article we can know how to dynamically create Link Buttons for Paging in Data List and how to write a delegate for the Linkbutton using asp.net.

Mask Control for Asp.net Web Page Using Javascript

Today i want to discuss how to prepare or Loading a Mask in Asp.net for Whole Web Page for a certain time interval.So that the User can not able to edit the Web page on that specific set of time Interval i.e.when the Page is in still Processing.

How to use xmlhttprequest in javascript

Today i will discuss by using a scenario how to refresh a page asynchronously without Using server type of controls like Update panels and Timer Event.I will illustrate this Article with snippet of Code Lines in c#

How to create an Html page dynamically in Console Application without using for loop

Today i will discuss an article how to Create dynamically an Html page with use of Dataset or result set. But Conditions apply that we do not use any for loop in that Code.Inorder to increase the performance of the Application.The Article will be very interesting and will be Useful who wants to create an Html page Dynamically when using Console Application.

How to Open and Close for Dynamic Div Menus in Javascript.

I will discuss an article how to Expandable and Collapsible with Snippet of Code Lines.In this Scenario The Main div Menu is in Static Design.The Sub div menus are added in dynamically by iterating the Dataset result in C# Code.i.e also incorporated with this.

How to read and write Ini Files in Asp.net.

Today I will try to explain to read and write the ini files in asp.net Programming with the help of source Code. Ini files are used to store for database configuration values such as server name,port,Database e.t.c and System setup configuration Such as Operating system,Version,Disk space,Server ip e.t.c.

Working with Install Shield in Asp.net

Today i am going to Introduce how to Set up your Web/Windows Project in Install Shield.So that you can able to Set up your Application with a Clean Interface and detailed System Requirements or Prerequisites that are needed or validate for your Project to install in Client System.

How to Create Sql Query Analyzer Tool in Asp.net

I want to discuss an article with you regarding about how to Create the query analyzer Tool (i.e. same as Sql Query Analyzer Tool) using asp.net.I will briefly discuss with some snippet of code lines.

Working with Datasets and Datatables.

Many Programmers who are well aware of Dotnet programming and those who don't have much Proficency in .Net Programming(i.e New to dotnet Programmers) know these two classes Dataset and Datatables.But Many of the Programmers may not know some special features exists in this two classes.That is Computing,filtering and sorting with in the Dataset and datatable classes.These things i want to describe in this Article with snippet of code lines

Microsoft Message Queuing(MSMQ) in Asp.net

Today i want to discuss a complex topic that is how to store the Offline data to the Centralized server.This Article will help the readers the importance of Message Queue and which scenarios the Message queue will used,How to install Msmq in your system,Create a Message queue and fetch the data from the Message Queue using Asp.net programing. I will illustrate detail description with snippet of code lines.

How to Play a Video in windows Application and web application

Today i want to present a topic regarding about playing video files in your Windows Application and as well as Web Application.This topic covers how to add a reference Media player dll to your project,what are the propeties that we can set to the windows Media player Control in Windows Application.How to stop the video in Windows Media player.How to embed the source of Object in your webpage These are the topics i will describe in this article with snippet of code lines.

How to Write Inline SQL-Queries in DataContext Class

For a new programmer in Linq writing Complex Linq queries like Joins for multiple tables , using Lambda expressions and preparing dynamic queries is a bit difficult thing.Because he/she is not Used to it.For all those Programmers this article will give some relief and they can write ordinary queries and execute in datacontext to get Object as resultset.This Article will demonstrate how to use these Methods. I will illustrate with snippet of Code Lines.

Account Information System (Practical usage of Views Cursors and Temp Tables)

When we are working with any of the following domain projects mainly (Agriculture Sector or Banking Sector).We came to hear a word called Account Information System. So how to work with Account Information System. I want to discuss in this Article.And many programmers think why we need to use cursors if there are suitable alternatives are available.This article will highlight the importance of views and cursors in sql batch programming.

Catch Live Cricket Scores in your Website with ASP.NET Programming

.Net Programming will be fun only when you work with an interesting topic with fun you can acquire some knowledge about the technology and can use it in multiple scenarios.In this article i want to discuss such a topic which is entertainment and this can be implement for many scenarios.I am about to discuss with you regarding access of the other website contents in your website(Consume the website information only after acceptance of copy right laws from the original website owners).

Web Signature Capture control in asp.net

Today I want to introduce an interesting and an important article for Third party control(licensed software)for to sign the online documents. That control is none other than web signature capture control.This web signature capture control need a mouse which already exists in your computer and this control will provide a mouse pad like image.Just we need to sign with the mouse on the mouse pad image and generate an image for your sign.How to work with this control i want to discuss in this article.

How to save the data for multiple checked items in a Grid to your Database

When we are programming in .Net.We come across the scenario (i.e)we need to store the selected items in a grid .Some times the selected items are more for saving the data into database.It become a tedious way of storing the data in database.Because looping the selected items and inserting the data row by row in database will lead to stuck or unresponsive of the application for the end user.for this Scenario i had a better way of handling the things.This is the one I want to discuss in this Article.

How to fetch and process the data recorded in Bio-Metric devices using .Net ?

Now a days Bio-Metric technology plays a pivotal Role in Software Industry.Bio-Metric devices Used as a Security for a company, Company Time attendance Management and Govt. Subsidiary schemes.Generally the Company will Provide a software/sample written code/SDK that is mainly sample written code in (VB/C++/VC++). For.Net Coders How to integrate these devices and program by using .net windows Application?. This is the one I want to discuss in this article.

How to convert video format files and capture multiple images from a video in .NET

Today I want to discuss an article in which this software application can be useful for many users i.e converting video formats and capture images from a video without actually downloading an MBs or GBs of software. Some users faces are with question marks or exclamatory marks thinking that is it really possible? For all those who put this exclamation or question marks in their faces my answer is yes for that. This is the article I want to discuss and share with all of you with snippet of code lines.

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