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How to use SQLCMD -- Part I

This article explains the basics of SQL CMD, the command line tool which has been shipped with SQL Server 2005.

List the modified objects in SQL Server 2005

This article explains the way to list the sql objects based on the latest modified date.

Delete VS Truncate

This article explains the difference between "Delete" and "Truncate" statements in Microsoft SQL Server.

Moving DB diagrams to another server

The Database diagram tools in the SQL Server enable administrators and developers to create Database diagrams very easily. This article demonstrates an efficient way to move DB diagrams from one Database to another.

Accessing a table in SQL Server 2005

This article explains in detail the way to access tables in SQL Server 2005. In the due course I have talked about a new concept Schema which has been introduced in SQL Server 2005.

About TSEqual function (SQL 2K)

I explained about One of the common problem the database developers face in their day to day life is record concurrency issues. Lets try to address that with the help of timestamp data type.

Tips to prepare for Interview .

Off late, quite a few people are asking me about interview tips! Though I don’t have any best prescription to follow before attending an interview, I thought would give it a try. In this article i would talk on this subject based on my 9+ years of IT experience.

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