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Sql server Merge Statement

SQL Merge is introduced in SQL server 2008. We can avail the feature of Merge from SQL 2008 versions. It behaves very similar to Upsert command (Update/Insert) of Oracle. It will automatically insert the records into a table if the record doesn't exist or will update if it exists.

SQLServer - DateName Function

Hi, In this article we will go through the DATENAME() function and how to implement it in SQL Server. Using DATENAME() function you can get any parts of the given date such as Day, Month, Year , Week, Quarter, Weekday, Hour, Minute, Second and so on which would be returned as a string variable.

C# Interview questions- HCL

I have recently attended the interview in HCL . Following are some of the questions asked in C#. They have covered C#, Asp.net & SQL Sever and also some questions asked in Design patterns. Interview went for around 1 hour. I have posted only C# questions in this article. Will cover the other area of questions in the following articles.

Treeview in Asp.net

This article explains about how you can build a working Tree View control developing an XML file as its data source. In addition to this, I have given the database data-driven approach in the following example of using an XML file. To comprehend this approach, you should be familiar with Visual Studio, Sql Server and XML.

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