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How to bind data to MultiSelectList in MVC4 application?

In this resource, I have added code for selecting more than one items in Html.ListBoxFor control. I am using Entity Framework i.e. .edmx file as my model. Binding data in ASP.NET MVC application is as simple as binding a normal drop-down list.

How to display an image using JQuery in MVC4 application?

This is MVC4 based application which has been used to display an image. This resource will be useful for jquery beginners as well as for MVC4 beginners. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Please make sure that file path in the src attribute must be a relative path to the website root and not the absolute path on the server.

Implementation of MVVM architecture with example.

I have demonstrated MVVM architecture here. In this WPF MVVM application, the model will go through the View-Model classes so that it can communicate with the Views. MVVM will be useful and easy to understand in many real time scenarios.

How to put timestamp on file while creating unique file name using class file?

In this article, I have added code for timestamp creation. Whenever any particular event occurs, it can be recorded by using timestamp. Logging events become possible with the help of timestamp. This functionality can be placed inside common functionality folder and use throughout of your application.

How to implement strongly typed view in MVC4.0?

We can pass data from controller to view by using various ways. Strongly typed view is one of the way through which information can be carried out. In this article, I have explained how to do implementation of strongly typed view in razor MVC4.0 application.

MVC interview questions

It is collection of MVC interview questions which I have faced in different technical interviews in various companies. You should be aware of differences and similarities among various versions of MVC. It will help you in tracking purpose of having new templates which are introduced in MVC.

Introduction to SqlBulkCopy

I have demonstrated simple example of SqlBulkCopy and how it can be used. Data transfer will be easy with the help of SqlBulkCopy. Everytime it initializes a new instance of the SqlBulkCopy. Manual data transfer can be automated using this code.

How to test web api of MVC4.0 through Fiddler?

If you are able to monitor your client/server traffic then you can set a breakpoint on the response then fiddle with it before sending it on to the client. You can test data which is returned as result set and also check for the status code for good and bad data.

How to implement hover functionality using JQuery?

Through hover functionality behavior can be implemented to an element during the time when the mouse is within the element. It is very simple lines of code and can be used in many applications including MVC4.0

JQuery interview questions

This article is a collection of interview questions of JQuery. JQuery questions article include basic to advanced ones and have mixture of easy, medium, difficult levels. If you wish to explore in JQuery area then you can find answers and post those answers here so those will be helpful for all readers.

Basics of Model-View-Controller (MVC4)

Description:Followings tips will be helpful for you at the time of making application using MVC4.0 where you have to take multiple controls. If you are beginner then you can easily use these tips as per requirements.

How to stream text documents using MVC4.0?

Do you wanted to learn stream functionality in ASP.NET MVC 4.0. This article will help you to understand stream functionality in MVC 4.0. In this article I have used WEB API to explain this feature.

How to design view (.cshtml) in MVC 4.0 and use different controls into it?

This article will demonstrate you about how to design view (.cshtml) page and ways to put different controls in it. There are many ways to achieve required functionality using HTML5, JQuery etc. For master page, in MVC4.0, you have to use Layout.cshtml. You can add content pages as different views.

Tips and tricks for writing LINQ.

In this article, I have demonstrated few tips for LINQ beginners. It contains short code snippets which can be used in your applications where usage of LINQ is necessary. LINQ has very good features which can be used to retrieve data from tables effectively.

How to use Delete verb in WEB-API in MVC 4.0?

CRUD request is processed with the help of four methods of WEB-API which are GET,POST, PUT, DELETE. Client is not aware from which layer the request is coming. If you are new to WEB-API in MVC 4.0 then this code will guide you. Please post your technical queries here incase if you have. It would be great to help you.

How to use POST method in WEB-API using MVC 4.0 ?

Are you new to concepts of WEB-API in MVC 4.0? This code will guide you how to write POST method in web api. Web API provides many new features now and makes many scenarios much easier You can post your queries here incase you have. It would be great to help you.

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