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Use VBA to a create an If Statement in Excel

In this article, I try to present the VBA code to Excel If statement. The "if" statement is very useful to create and comparing the condition of situation. VBA help us to develop then condition procedure for the "if" statement. If statement helps to clearing the doubt in conditional operation.

Introduction of Collections in C#

In this article I explain about what is Collections in C# That is , Collections are the most essential component of C Sharp(C#). The C# language provides the features necessary to create your own collections.

Introducing of Delegates in C#

In this article I am present step by step Introducing of Delegates in C#. I also explain How to Declaring Delegates C# with code snippet and sample of example

Link External in JavaScript for HTML with Examples

Generally we use Scripting language for developing web. In this example I explain about how to set Link External JavaScript in HTML with Simple code snippet and Examples

Benefits or Advantages of OOPS Concepts

In this article I explain about what the advantage of OOPs is, First of all I present definition of OOPS like this. OOPS means Object Oriented Programming System helps to designing modular reusable software systems .OOPS maintenance by the use of encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance and information hiding.

Meaning of Identifiers

In this article I explain about what is the meaning of Identifier and how it is helpful for developer with example of code snippet .

Difference between Assembler Compiler Interpreter

In this article I explain about what are the basic Difference between Assembler Compiler Interpreter . As well as how it is useful of program development .

Seven Easy Steps to Creating Computer Programming

In this article I explain about seven simple steps for creating programming in your computer. Generally we write programming per day but do you follow these steps while write program. This article may be very useful for learner and researcher

ASP.Net Web services

In this article , I am explaining about ASP.Net Web services as well as uses of webservice and how to create webservice and how to consume webservice in asp.net.

Send and Receive SMS from Computers

As explained in this article AT command, which you may have checked out while the configuration a modem in good old DOS days, are good enough to send and receive massage using your mobile phone. Your mobile phone act as serial or USB modem when connected to PC using a serial of USB data cable

My experience of Interview in Horizon Softech

Job interview has currently become the indispensable hurdle to induce an honest job anyplace within the world. Most of us take interview terribly nonchalantly and it seriously reduces the possibilities of our obtaining the work. There terribly easy nevertheless only tips that most folks ignore whereas going for the interview however I am positive if followed then forceful positive swing within the interview results are often brought.

Introducation to Inheritance in C#

In this article I am going to explain you in detail about the Inheritance in C#. It may be very helpful for new user. Inheritance is most useful scope of object oriented programming systems. With the help of this article user can easily use inheritance in C# ( framework) .Inheritance similar like polymorphism and other feature of OOPS.

How to use the Set Command in VBA?

In this Article, I present to you Set command of VBA. Lets learn How to write and how set Command is useful for Excel application development. With the help of Set command we can access the data from the excel database. It may be helpful for Excel application developer.

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