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Message Queuing in the .NET framework.

In this article, we will look into the message queuing in the .net framework. Message queuing supports basic functionalities like establishing connection with the queue, opening, sending message and recieving message from the queue.

Interpreted Queries in LINQ .

In this article we will look deeper in to Interpreted Queries and how it works. LINQ provides 2 parallel architectures namely local queries and the interpreted queries. Look into the example for the clarity on concepts and the execution part on how the interpreted queries work.

Managed Execution process in detail.

In this article, I will provide detailed description of how the managed execution process is conducted by the .net framework by employing CLR. It provides a walkthrough on who all are involved to convert our source code to the native code.

Code First approach inside the Entity Framework.

In this article we will focus on Code First approach provided by the entity framework(EF). EF also has Database First and Model First approach apart from Code First approach. Code First approach is a process where in we create our own POCO classes and EF will create corresponding Database based on our classes, automatically.

JQuery Traversal Techniques concepts with samples

In this article, we will look into all of the jQuery Traversal techniques available, with code samples of each. Easy explanation of concepts will help you learning the techniques in a quick and efficient manner

Some examples in LINQ to XML

In this article, I will try to provide you with some examples like how to fetch xml, read specific attribute value, add new elements using LINQ, etc as a starting point so that you gain some knowledge on LINQ to XML.

SQL- The 50 points Last Minute Revision

Tried to cover almost every theoretical aspect in SQL in these simple 50 points. This can be tremendously useful for polishing your skills just before the interview. Tried to be as simple as possible while jotting down the concepts.

Paging in DataGrid in alphabetical manner

This article focus on displaying the paging in alphabetical manner using Linkbuttons at the footer of the datagrid. The LinkButtons are added in Item created event and commandName and commandArgument properties of the linkbutton are used to identify them.

Highlight the column in Gridview after Sorting

In this article we will try to highlight a particular column after sorting is done. The coloring of columns is done on OnItemDataBound event in the gridview whereas sorting is done on OnSortCommand event.

Theoretical concepts in Windows Azure

Some useful theoretical concepts in Microsoft Windows Azure Platform. Tried to include the much needed information pertaining to Windows Azure. Also tried to present the points in a simple and easy to understand manner.

LINQ basics operators and concepts

Basics on LINQ. Helpful article to get you started with LINQ. Discussion on some commonly used operators when we implement LINQ in our project. Can be helpful in avoiding redundancy and making code compact and maintainable.

Basic article on Class and its inheritance in Javascript.

This is a basic article on OOPS way in javascript. Just trying to get you all know about the concept of class and its inheritance in Javascript. This is a good way to introduce yourself to the advanced concept in javascript one of them is OOPS methodology in Javascript

Easy and informative points on Javascript cookies

Some points to be noted about cookies. Trying to clear the doubts of lots of javascript developers who are wary of using cookies in their application. Suggestions are welcome. Tried to cover all the points pertaining to cookies.

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